Drawings - Almost Daily

This is a collection of my Almost Daily Drawings I post on Twitter and Instagram, as well as other stuff I like.


Concept art for The Emperor’s New Groove by Paul Felix

I’m wondering if these were from the Kingdom of the Sun days before it was Emperors New Groove. Either way PAUL Felix is awesome.

(via scurviesdisneyblog)


Shop and Give away?? whaaa~~

Hey Guys! I decided to give INPrnt a try! :) 
I only have a few prints available at the moment, but I’ll post more and more in a few days. If you guys have a print you’d like me to make available for purchase, shoot me an ask and let me know! 

I’ll keep the shop up for a while, and depending on your feedback I’ll decide if I will keep it permanently :)

Also! I just received two proof copies and they are super high quality! The saturation is awesomeee, I was impressedI! SO, since they are so beautiful I decided to use them for a GIVE AWAY 8Dgo here to find out how to enter~ <3 

Thanks guys <3